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  • Blanchard, Jessica - Whole Me - This single poem by Jessica Blanchard was one of our very first donations to our poetry collection.
  • Caterino, Angela - Mourning Glory - A poetry collection first published by Blackthorne Books.
  • Deborius, - Arms of Simon and Other Poems - A sample of mystical poetry from one of our most mysterious authors...
  • Del Greco, Marcus - Big Bang - Complete lyrics to the Cozmik Corkscrew album BIG BANG.
  • Del Greco, Marcus - Reports From The Cerebral Outback - A selected collection of poetry (1993-1996).
  • Del Greco, Marcus - The Invisible Jive - Lyrics from the Cozmik Corkscrew album.
  • Del Greco, Marcus - Tolmanagi Mania - Complete lyrics to the Cozmik Corkscrew album Tolmanagi Mania.
  • Eckert, Brian - Selections from Poetically Incorrect - A poetic interpretation of various key events in world history.
  • Fairbrother, William - Dogs and the Poetics of Nightfall - Two poems by this American author living in Denmark.
  • Freer, Neil - N E U R O G L Y P H S (Parallel Songs in a Molecular Key) - This poetry collection was originally published by Electric Dragon Press in 1993.
  • Hilton, Sharon - Selected Poems - Works collected between 1998 and 2000.
  • Holden, Alex - It Was Late And I Was Tired - A collection of heartfelt poetry written during a period of intense psychological discovery.
  • Holly-Clark, Kate - Words From Under The Refrigerator - Poetry including 22 Days in Sarajevo...
  • Hull, Coral - Landscape Photography With Dogs - Poetry by the editor of Thylazine; an electronic journal of contemporary Australian art and literature on landscape and animals.
  • Mc Glone, Mike - Twenty-Five Years And No Flight - Henry David Thoreau meets B.B. King in this collection of verse from State Prison Light Show founder Mike Mc Glone.
  • Slater, Maria - Cacophony - This collection of poetry includes The Path, A Moment in the Dark, and other pieces.
  • Trefethen, Jessica - Poems - Including "For Michael", "The 20th Century Syndrome" and others.

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