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illustration by the author Mourning Glory
by Angela Caterino


                        To the dark and unending winter
                            and to whatever holds your smile
                        let it be just as well to keep it close
                            in the hands of the changing while
                        where you will wait in the garden beneath the Sun
                        for the blessings of life that have barely begun
                            in the hands of an angel child

                        Turn your eyes to the changing seasons
                            or the rainbow may pass you by
                        of a stillness that grows in the flowers
                            was it softly as still as I?
                        it was seen by the light of the morning fair
                        in the lines of your face, and your golden hair
                           and all of the stars in the sky.

                        It was scented of Orange blossoms
                            as the evening was drawing near
                        and I prayed to the full Moon rising
                            for having shown us her face so clear
                        but for all the changes that Fate might decide
                            in the heart's darkest hour, I'd surely hide
                         but the changes would not disappear.

I would hold you in love and in sorrow
    and whatever becomes of this place
not inside of the past or tomorrow
    to deceive you in time and in space
to the calling forth of our strongest will
to follow the path and rise over the hill
    there is many a way to go

That you once were a child in the Springtime
    what a glorious wonder renowned
in the tiniest seed of a flower
    and a blessing of song all around
when one by one and two by two
the light of Love will come to you
    with the sun softly settling down.


Elastic bands
    and my wristwatch ticking
I rest
    matches burned out
lay corpselike
        on the table
and upright
    I am aware of the loss
as suddenly coping
    the Capricorn enters
with such a different look how
    wishing for everything
turns the Lilies white
        on the box
Dimness and redundance is the Dawn
    ink and coffee
  dark as my hair grows
and everything falls
crashing to the tiles
    the blue lights
  of the past
how it kicked the doors down
    as my heart reminded
        how it could be
of everyone there
    and how their faces changed
late Spring
and his children, gone
        Frightened of myself today
I relearned the measurements
        over the water streaming
grease on my face
and he said:
"you're a good Woman"
so backwards, wool,
    and dirty
how each one is a piece
    and always different
        I said:
"thank you"


The Song of The Egg

waited still
    and found
Existence!  Life!
    and then be bound.
How time's great hull
    is not yet sound
the high wall
to the ground.
You are a child
    of the night
with heaven's will
to cast a light
    a fire's glow
and sweet, remind
    the gentle flow
of time's design
    cycle reborn
the shell is still
    and growing long
inside the will
    a mother's hand
    a silent sound
whose only stand
    the truth renowned
a tender change
    a sweet release
the soil tide
beneath, to cease
    inside, a tiny light
was found
a tiny egg
    borne of the ground
I held it tiny
    in my palm
    silent calm
in with a rush
    like a tired sigh
a gentle wish
    a child's cry
beneath the song
    of the starlit sky
a wonder
    yet as still
  as I
to grow
    and grow
        and sing
    and fly!


Through the dim lit glass
    fishes' tails wave spinning
the words stopped long
    out flow and pass
uncovered, opened
    just beginning

From the fire,
    the heart's deep core
a great tide of laughter uprising
    black, painted, winged
forever flown
    upon the dawn
of your surprising

I had caught a snail
    the mystery,
the greatest day
    we'd ever see

All fine, the wind
    sat silent there
a blush against
    the golden glare
a lion's mane,
    a bird's weak cry
that twice had come
    to seek, set I

Upon a ship bound
    many lands
and deep beneath
    the water found
a pearly shell
    thine eyes did see
the Autumn sun
    on a painted tree

The passing fancy
    keeping still
was lost to your
    unwritten will
where sister shame,
    and sister sad
were moving just
    beyond until...

That I was black
    if you were white
magic lit the
    darkest night
without the strings
    caught spring wood
all the falling stars
    were landing
filling your eyes
    with a golden light
to wish you may
    to wish you might
to be alone
    as one might be
that one might live


Ever fine what keeps you still
    the spinning wheel of time
comes just in time, it always will
    and leaves you just behind
And to the golden sunlight glow
    who dances painted on your face
to speak a word you could not know
    to blow the wind a gentle pace
Oh, how I long to see the tide
    a diamond in the sand
falling, rising, side to side
    to catch it softly in your hand
The beat of falling rain upon
    the stones upon the shore
will wash away and carry on
    twas opening the door
and stepping out to see the light
    how do you feel so sad?
the sky as black as the stars are bright
    the buds of Balm and Gilead
I am a fire, burning low
    awaiting the embers fight
to keep aloft, a steady glow
    how do you burn so bright?
What of destined love winds still
    across the softest wing
and lays beneath the ice to will
    the ever blooming
light of spring.


Lay down a leaf
    to fill the mud
and build a house of stone
    two mirrors came
and took the third
    and left me here
who found a page
    torn in the yard
with paleness of
    the yellow kind
and turning Southward,
    feeling thrown
not knowing then
    what more I'd find
He finished the book
    and left a painting
hanging sadness
    round the house
but that wasn't the will
    as the song was fainting
voice as quiet
    as the mouse
You see, a shining
    star I found
a light to see
    the course design
but she was sad
    and then unwound
and left to seek
    a straighter line
Petal strong
    you are the nectar
drawn by every
    silent sting
honey fine,
    ambrosia morning
storms that come
    and bells that ring
And wouldn't you love,
    for all we've seen
climb high to find
     a stronger bough
that not within
    the walls of kings
shall live among
    the birds for now
That then that house
    of stone might fall
and one is three
    behind the glass
and king and tree
    of bird might sing
in silent harmony
    at last.


I could dance
a Rosepetal
across your belly
a silver cloudy Sun
in the sky
painted pale
the very beyondness
of all the seeming things.
Wasn't I whispered
as night
the starry
wonder fills your brow
a triangular
crescent Moon
liquid light
the dewy shimmer
of the passing
spots across
the horizon
call weaving from
rock to red rock
stone of glass
of dust
of sand
of fire
Good as Gold
who bids you
fair morning
the fairest of all
Spring morn
cold clearing of
shining red Winter
bird berries
upon tiny posted
and frozen
soft skins
I see you and ask
your name
sweet, cordial
and the seeking
of your poison
wither do you
to seek a finer powder
of red crystal
the resins
diamond flesh
of moulten expression
spoken word
and unity
and being
a formation
under water
of a city
not been built there
beneath the Sea.


Infinity Song

    I will keep it in my heart
found a feather for the part
    draw the curtain, yet to find
peace and sorrow, Holy mind
    gather flowers on thy way
timeless notion of the day
softly sung through dawnlit sky
 Moon and stars shine in your eye
  lover's hand to set me free
Love of Heaven over thee
 golden warm inside my heart
casting shadows for the part
  absence shall remind you then
sail the Seas, of which we've been
    longer story, yet divine
pipe song of the darker mind
    grace of speed
 rise to the North
light of Greatness it is worth
 with the Sun rise to the North
  light of Greatness
it is worth.


Set your fire
    on my water
I will accept it
    with my tongue
Believe in will
    a fated sound
shall set you back
    where you belong

How changed these lines
    a shadow grey
silent, blessed,
    the break of day

hand paper wheel
the truth, you say?
    Break your cage
       and fly away!

I writ a word
    a sad, sad word
and thought so gloomy
    of it
thought but again,
    and sought your favor
that we might rise
    high up above it

    deep recall
alone to find
    the secret key
black dark your night
    a fear, unkind
who was it you
    were want to see?

Invisibly leaving
    your silent mark
but tis the past
    in stone you'll see
to light a flame
    a tiny spark
who wasn't so bright
    as the sun as he.

A wind to change
    a tempered way
purple dawn
    to balmy day
hair tie pigeons
    at last, today
at the bells,
    we fly away!

Contrary field
    familiar soil
I was so glad
    to plant a seed
hidden to avoid
    a toil
drinking of a
    bitter mead

To make a storm
    a stormy rain
I found myself
    beneath a tree
salty dusk
    I found again
but was the wind
    so fine as thee

Ah!  Yes!  (handwritten)

a warm
familiar touch
    I recognize
these lines of fate
    to bear no need
for your heart a crutch
    But only love
and then I wait...

A song so tender
    as the night
could I accept it

    With my hand?
to cast your Sun
    upon my Sea
there was no sight then
    of the land

...And waiting at
  The table found
a Brotherhood
    The hope of Man!
to flow the changes
    of the dark
and love
    with all the
love we can.


    Vetiver Tiding
where are you hiding?
Must I seek you in the trees?
And what sort of tree in which to peek,
a merry Maple, if you please.
    My Love!  A flower for you hair
a pinecone, or a golden pear
the Moonrise whispers, night is near
    and the will of the stars, abiding,
    Vines that grow,
untangling wine
the fruits thereof
as sweet as thine.
What are the ways of these four winds?
however timeless are the days,
to wish forever begins and ends.
    All hope!  A song, for all love
Who sends a feather from above
a Falcon, or a Raven Dove
    of all the blessings kind.
    Bestill the Sun,
our circling flight
that we shall be still
in the watery night
What wonders have we still to see?
to have your leaves so close at hand
for whatever joy might the journey be
    Go on!  And so to travel East
and stopping not for storm, nor beast
the softest words for the heart, a feast!
    The city fading out of sight.
     Vetiver Tiding,
why are you hiding?
couldn't we be the best of friends?
I surely would give you all of my heart
if you sing to the stars, a wish it sends
    My Love!  I see you in the weeds,
In Grandfather trees
and tiny seeds
and Dragonflies
and dew drop beads
and evermore,
the flowers!


    There is no painting to hang upon the wall
no stillness captured nor recollected
    but to see you alone in the window
a tired sight to still my eyes
    how lonely are these days who pass
in jealous waves
    a zealous fight but sadness comes
into my body, that which is
    as quiet as the song
of a bird long flown away
    one year today.
I cannot speak, nor sing,
    nor cry
nor breathe a breath of fire yet
    it is not to write with magic ink
I've nothing to say to the page today
    nothing to ask of the Gods.
It was fear in the ice,
    leading us astray
unknowing of the future
    the closings down
the broken families
    I am sad as empty
an empty vessel
    a chain of sand
a whisper to the clouds
    to shut out the sky,
the Sunlight that
    your eyelids sleeping
turn with no words to deny
    the brush of counting in threes
climbing beams,
    explained my friend
I understood it in the trees
    What was bound to your heart
though your heart spoke spare
    those same empty words
were squelched
    as sure as they were said
it was just as well to leave it
    turn away and watch the words
just lay there dead
    dead, dead Nettle stinging
Brambles in my name
    black Thistle in my pocket
or around my neck
    the quickening of the sharpness
finely tuned to perceive
    your every sensible whim
and put away all others
    with which I shant comply
To bind it sitting
    in the window
conversed with unexpected fate
    no less accepted
with a sweeter word
    I spit
a sweet, sweet word out
    in my hand.


The falling of the softest dream
  from the sky that ever fell
the icy sight of what might seem
  to hold you in her spell
    breathing in a breath of fire
     together with your mind conspire
      lifted up to take you higher
  falling just as well

The strength you'll need to carry on
  the stillness of the morning fair
that goes on drifting just beyond
  to see what is not there
    the blessed light that you might keep
      the dream that holds you while you sleep
        and swimming in the water, deep
the sea of all despair

Fly free that I might see you go
  within the walls of changing still
to see the light and then you'll know
  when as you drift you surely will
    to know of wonder that might be
      the bonds that break to set you free
        and all the joy that you might see
the hopes that you'll fulfill

And walking on the path of peace
  the turning shade, a shadow fine
a blinding light that will not cease
  bestill the Sun to shine
    a fire on a distant shore
     would only leave you longing more
       to hear the sea, a might roar
  take shape inside your mind.

The Beginning

Angela Caterino currently lives and writes in Burlington, Vermont. In addition to writing verse, she has been involved for years in theatrical pursuits on the stage and on the street. She made her directoral debut at the age of fifteen by mounting Rose Goldemberg's MARCHING AS TO WAR. She is also the designer of the Mind Mined Publications and Productions logos.


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