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illustration by the author Selected Poems
by Sharon Hilton

True Love Is...

An adaptation of I Corinthians Chapter 13

Patient, Honest and Kind
Not Envious or Boastful
Proud or Rude 

Love is not Selfish 
Nor does it Manipulate
Love does not easily Anger 

But, without fail
Love always Protects, always Trusts
Hopes and Preserves 

Love is the most Precious of all gifts
And if Nurtured 

True Love is Forever! 


Broken Cookie Cutter

It's a past you remember 
When you painted within the lines 
Where everyone had the same dreams 
And they all lived dressed in lies 
The charmed life behind the picket fence 
A smoky memory from behind 

There you go  
There you run 
There you fly 
Off to catch your star 
Cuz there's a 
Broken cookie cutter in the drawer 
And freedom molds your new way 
Momma's voice becomes faint 
As you create your own day 

Brush away the eyelet 
And let the sun spill the future in 
Where blank colors paint the canvas bright 
And you become real 
The flood warms your face from a frozen past 
In a gold dust dance from ahead 

There you go  
There you run 
There you fly 



I need to see you to look into your eyes 
I long to dive into that hazel window 
And swim to the depths of your soul 
But, it is not for me to find my way into your heart 
Though I wish I could be the one to heal you 
And everytime I close my eyes 
It is the essence of your soul I ache for 

It is a James Dean mystiqe you have 
For your soul is old with wisdom, young with desire 
You eyes are filled with hope though tainted by pain 
The moments where we melded together 
Could not be relived, but in my cherished dreams 
Where they'll tantilize my wonder 

Aria of the Moon

A whimsical dusting of magic 
Surrounding the cunning creatures of the night 
Lighting the way of lovers through a world filled with wonder 
Silent beauty in a time standing still 
For those who have within them 
The power to wonder 
The power to awe 
Living in a world so lost in its race 
There is solace 
In the glow that dances with the leaves 
To the Aria of the Moon 

Cast a Stone

Cast a stone upon my heart 
Though my life has little meaning 
My business is of no concern 
But, to justify your weakness 
Attack my strength, bring me to my knees 

Cast a stone upon my heart 
Even if you know me not 
I live by rules that don't fit yours 
And through the undoing of my ventures 
Your life redeems its failures 

Cast a stone upon my heart 
I'm just, to you an outcast 
A loner in a world you rule 
And when your rejection tears my soul 
Your broken heart won't feel so lost 

Cast a stone upon my heart 
And keep me in your rememberance 
For one day, as you look back 
The stones you cast will be yours to own 
Your unwelcome burden to bear   


A Child Falls

Delicate as a bud in spring 
With tiny fingers 
Pug Nose 
Full of wonder, the world is a dream 
First steps, so unsure 
He falls.....He cries 
Reaching for the skies 
Mother.....Father.....precious finger tips search 
Rewarded by a ride into flight 
Into the safe warmth of love. 



Climbing the cliffs of reason 
Searching for the rare emotion 
Emotion of everlasting power 
So Sweet 
So Intense 
Destructive in every way 
Treasure so elusive 
To live for 
To die for 
Piercing the heart of the strongest warrior 
Bringing him to his knees 
The rare emotion, what disease 
When do we learn 
The higher the climb 
The rarer the find 
It shatters with our touch 
Leaving us to a destiny of lusty loneliness 
To die in the void of its absence 

Sharon Hilton is the mother of Alex and David, currently tending the nest in Dover, NH.



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