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poetry by Mike Mc Glone Twenty-Five Years And No Flight
by Mike Mc Glone

When I Look Up

Oh when I look up
from down below
Don't you steal my sunshine
with your shadow

The world looked so sad
from my eyes

Every smile's a disquise
took to long to see
Seemed everybody
made a fool of me

In silent regret
I spent my time

Now that time is gone
and look what you see
All that's left
is named after me

In silent reflection
I spent my time

When I looked out my window
this life wasnt made for me
To many people
caught in tradgedy

With folded hands
eternal sleep

At my feet you stand
and I watch you cry
More like friends
then when I was alive

You all look so sad
it feels like pain

Oh what a shame

Low Fi Gentleman

If for one day in my life
my dreams would come true
I could spend my time
loving you

But I'm sure that ill wake
to the same old day
Cause if i saw you
what would i say

Well I'd trip on my words
and act like a fool

Well I'm a low fi gentleman
kinda lost in the world I'm in
A low fi gentle man
aint got much to say
without a pen in hand

Dreamed of a place in your life
but look at me as I walk by
Cant find the words
to open your eyes

You might never know it
but I wrote you a song
About a quite guy
and the road I'm on

Well I'll play all the chords
and sing like a fool

Well I'm a low fi gentleman

Green Field

I see the farms on the edge of the cities,
farms of vast green fields,

I see the farmers pushing a plow,
like his brothers in the cities who push the pen,

The green land pushes up rich crops for all men to
whether in a city office or on a tractor seat,

The same city sky of blue, hangs over the rolling
not caring if its me or you,

The feeling is the same, when the day is done,

Every man kicks up his feet, and slowly fals asleep.


I'll put
down the words

And see how
they look

I'll try
Rhyme and

To see if
get the

A Day At The Beach

The words should easily fall onto
the pages

The relief I once lost
rushed back into my life

Once again I'll cry in ink
to relieve my sorrows

I Look At The Things I Cling To

Look at the things I cling to
so useless they seem
I look at the thing I cling to
no one understands what I mean

See the things I value
to you, unimportant they seem
See the thing I cling to
so simple, so plain, so bizarre

Look at the things I cling to
they put a smile on my face
Look at the things i cling to
to you, they seem out of place

Look at the things I cling to
all for me and not for you.

Sitting At The End Of The Day

I sit at the end of
a hot summer day

I sit on a stone that
marks where the dead lay

As the sun slips away
the crickets march on

Sounding off as the
birds finish their song

A Fine Place To Reflect

Seems like a fine place
to reflect

I can put away the day
and watch the sunset

So many things go though
my mind

On this cemetery hill
I did find

Like the castle
peasants called home

A litte place in this town
where I can be alone.


I appreciate
for their

For in
is beauty

An ugly
That keeps
hands warm.

He Rocked Away With Little Effort

He rocked away with little effort,
on a white porch, the wind did most of the work

He fell asleep and has become
part of the world around him

Moving back and forth,
he began to sway with the trees

When he awakes, he'll not know
the natural world his sleeping body found

Blue Summer Moon

A blue summer moon
hangs outside my window

Shining its light
from so far away

A blue summer moon
hangs outside my window

Shining its light
after this long day

A blue summer moon
hangs outside my window

Shining its light
as I sleep away

In The Glow Of The Setting Sun

In the glow of
a setting sun,
stands the statue of
a woman holding her face

Forever in marble
the robed image of a man,
and like the soul he represents
he's fallen, buried in the sand

What Will You Say Of Me

I'd like to thank you friends,
for all you've done for me

All those times you walked away,
when I could hardly see

I need to thank you world,
Just for all you've done for me

For all those tricks,
You decided to play on me

I need to thank you mother,
Just for what you done to me

For holding a baby in your arms,
looking at an orphan to be

I need to thank you world,
just for what you've given me

All the problems,
the world will never see

But what will you say of me,
in the words to my eulogy?

Ocean Waters Roll In

Ocean waters roll in
and gently tap the rocks

On an island
I've long forgotten the clock

A cool breeze flows
across the back of my neck

Small island birds
have made a home in an old ship wreck

And don't the trees look pretty
backed by the blue sky

An island is the place
where I wish to get old and die


He was quiet,
sat in the back of the room
never bothered anybody,
laughed when he was supposed to,
loooked up when he needed to

Signing My Name

I love signing my name,
on the floors,
on the walls,
on your monopoly game

In a closet,
in a box,
everytime it looks the same

I do it for fun,
and I'll do it again

So when I've signed you,
you'll know who to blame

So Things Didn't Go As You Planned

So things didn't go the way you planned

An overwhelming smile on my face
With satisfaction moving into place

In My Mind I Painted A Picture And When I Blinked It Was Gone

Oh to many times
in my life
I've been caught up in a mess

It seems the scene
aint no longer the same
but I cant go on as your guest

These hands of mine
cant shake the pain
I need to give you a rest

I see your face
when you come round
its just not the same

I can tell in your eyes
your alone
and thats the reason you came

But I no longer call
cause I no longer care
to play this game

In my mind I painted a picture
and when I blinked it was gone

In my mind I painted a life
and when I blinked it was gone

Stranded At A Gas Station In Lee NH

An unusual
fall day,
Such a
For what
is taking place,
A warm summer
day, in an
autumn of full
Spring clouds
drift across
a cool harvest
sky of blue,
A gentle breeze
dances with
the colorful
A bedspread
of tall grass
breathes in
and shines
one last time,
before the
leaves give
up and
retreat to
the ground

Back To The Farm

Driving out of town,
Summer breeze blowing,
Windows rolled down

Smiling at you,
wondering what
you're thinking

Now everything is in the way,
You've moved on
and got your own
I'm left here living in a haze

Seems like only yesterday,
The sun would shine on me
and what I would give to get it back

On my mind,
is a history book
of the lost time
I could've spent time with you

Something I could not see,
the opportunity
to take you
back to the farm with me

Good Thing You're Gone

Well its a good thing you're gone
I'm dancing down the street
Things gonna be fine, long as we dont meet

I see a good day coming,
at the edge of dawn
And if wishes came true,
I'd rise to find you gone

Well all I do,
is sit and listen to you
If talking won a prize,
the winner would be you

Oh please back away,
the t.v. dont need no company,
You've been watching so long,
it thinks you're family

So dig my grave early,
I'd like to jump in soon
I'd wear my funeral clothes
and die, with a bottle of Boones

Good thing your walking,
didnt have to give you the toss
About time you remembered,
the big mans the boss

Well its a good thing you're gone
I'm dancing down the street
Things gonna be fine, long as we dont meet

So Sad To Say

So sad to say
that the world has changed
into what I see today

So sad to say
I know,
but I cant wake
to another day

Catching A Glimpse

Catching a glimpse
of your wonderful eyes

a temptaion hard to avoid

You'll know I've looked to long
When I respond with a smile

When Friends Say They'll Stay

When friends
say they'll stay

Like leaves of fall
they'll be on their way

It's not water
under the bridge

'Cause my confidence
has become eroded

Can't help feel the burn
Too nice to ever learn

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