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  • A Number, Not A Name: Big Brother By Stealth by Claire Wolfe - An overview of current and pending legislation that allows for the easy collection and distributuion of sensitive personal data.
  • A Peak Under the Covers by Jay Hanson - This essay outlines the underlying problem with reliance on fossil fuels.... and where this is leading us.
  • Apes of Wrath by Bob Black - A romping piece on man versus beast, based on an autumn, 2003 incident at the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Book Four by Aleister Crowley - Book Four, Parts I and II make up a complete course in Magick with practical instruction in Yoga and mysticism.
  • Codeine and Consciousness by Ben Shisler - In this smart essay, the author urges us to wake up to the reality of our dreams.
  • Cubed by Adam Voss - A very short piece of regretful nonfiction about corporate life.
  • Dear Drug Merchants of the World by Luther Butler - This statement was sent to us by an unwilling participant in LSD research at the Bethesda Naval Hospital in 1954.
  • Drug Laws as Cultural Lobotomy by John Dentinger - A discussion of the dangerous consequences of drug laws to cultural evolution.
  • Ethic of the Mind Mined Public Library by Marcus Del Greco - Webmaster describes the purpose and policies of the Mind Mined Public Library.
  • Experiential Contact With Aliens As A Primary Mode by Anonymous - This non-fiction account of an amazing synchronicity indicating alien presence was probably just the drugs. But who knows?
  • Feudalism aka American Capitalism by David F. - A well-referenced book exposing the injustices of America's laissez-faire system.
  • Gnosticism Reborn: The Matrix As Shamanic Journey by Jake Horsley - An essay analyzing the feature film The Matrix through both ancient occult and modern-day theories of psychology.
  • John Whitesides Parsons: Anti-Christ Superstar by Richard Metzger - A challenging essay which calls into question the integrity of modern-day spiritualism.
  • Land-Mine Legislation by Claire Wolfe - Exposing sneaky legislation buried in the pages and pages of law passed by Congress each year.
  • Literary Examples of Man's Fear of Machine by Amber Locke - Alvin Toffler, Ray Bradbury, George Orwell and others inform this essay dealing with the increasingly sophisticated capabilities of computer machines.
  • LSD Research: An Overview by Jessica Locke Del Greco - An essay which must be experienced to be understood. :)
  • My Cosmic Trigger Finger Is Broken by Anonymous - This personal essay details a series of spiritual experiences and the literature and music which inspired them.
  • Sapiens Rising: Beyond The Babel Factor by Neil Freer - Neil Freer asks the question: how adolscent a species are we?
  • Steal This Book by Abbie Hoffman - This classic of counterculture literature has been reprinted without permission.
  • The Abolition of Work by Bob Black - This essay by Bob Black tackles the greatest fear in any economy: employment!
  • The Alien Question: An Expanded Perspective by Neil Freer - This white paper by Neil Freer explains Zecharia Sitchin's theory of how humans were genetically engineered by aliens, and the potential consequences of the theory's validity.
  • The Real Reason for the Mind Mined Website by Marcus Del Greco - Why does this domain exist? How does the web benefit artists of all kinds? We attempt to define a philosophy and direction for
  • Theatre Is Recreation by Marcus Del Greco - A reminder to take theatre seriously and start treating it like child's play.
  • This nutty eight circuit thing by Scott O. Moore - This essay is a fresh look at Timothy Leary's eight circuit model of the brain, comparing the circuits to characters from Gilligan's Island!
  • Using Theatrical Devices to Counter Culture by Marcus Del Greco - Subtitled "A Partial History of the San Francisco Diggers in the Heyday of Haight-Ashbury. "
  • Welcome to Future Felons of America by Claire Wolfe - The author shares both data and personal experiences relating to the causes and results of our rapidly expanding prison population.
  • Writings From India by Ben Shisler - This essay resulted from the author's travels in India.
  • Y2K: Incompetence or Genius? by David Icke - Would the government orchestrate an international disaster? Find out in this essay.

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