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  • ( KB) - Danger Pillows by Scott O. Moore - A desperate fairy tale. While the end of the world rages on around them, a handful of lonely survivors on a deserted island meet Melody and Laurel, religious figures of psychedelic mania promising contact with aliens who can save them.
  • ( KB) - IBM Compatible by Luther Butler - This screenplay takes place at the University of Louisville Teaching Hospital for the Mentally Insane, with both patients and doctors having flashbacks which take place elsewhere.
  • ( KB) - Catastrophic Love Puzzles in Outer Space by Scott O. Moore - This play, a metaphysical docudramedy, is the second installment of the Catastrophe Cycle.
  • ( KB) - Let's Have Sex! by Valentin Krasnogorov - A playful and bawdy onstage romp from Russia.
  • ( KB) - Hamlet, Santa Claus, Nietzsche and Job by Scott O. Moore - This second phase of the Catastrophe Cycle is a whirlwind ensemble restaurant scene.
  • ( KB) - Serving The Revolution by Douglas Wheeler - This play is a farce based on the 1975 Portuguese Revolution that was first produced by the UNH Playwrights in April of 1998.
  • ( KB) - Frankenstein, Doggie-Style! (The Radio Play) by Marcus Del Greco - This radio play is a musical featuring 7 songs and a ton of wacky dialogue to make Mary Shelley roll over in her grave! In a respectful way, that is.
  • ( KB) - Pressure Points by Marcus Del Greco - A one-act play about an acupuncturist gone madly jealous.
  • ( KB) - Too Much For Mortals by Marcus Del Greco - A one-act play placing Dionysus and Aphrodite on Earth as winemakers in the present day.
  • ( KB) - The Warwoman of Wauhatchee Creek by Kenneth Robbins - A Revolutionary War period play based on the Legend of Nancy Hart.
  • ( KB) - The Afterparty by Bruno Lovric - A post-apocalyptic love play for cannibals. Just kidding. Sort of.
  • ( KB) - A Good and Dandy World by Kenneth Robbins - This one-act play explores the dandy home life of a switch man.
  • ( KB) - Motel Matches by Marcus Del Greco - A one-act stay in the Squeaky Springs Motel.
  • ( KB) - Rumplestiltskin: A Fairy Tale by Sarah Jane Marschner - An original adaptation of the popular children's story.
  • ( KB) - Vanessa's Gonna Be Prepared by Marcus Del Greco - A short play about a fourteen year-old girl who predicts the end of her world.
  • ( KB) - The Flying Toothpick by Marcus Del Greco - A short play dealing with the trickiness of metaphysics.
  • ( KB) - The Smarter One by Marcus Del Greco - A short play about a dead man's pact with his retarded son.
  • ( KB) - The Big Because by Marcus Del Greco - This early work is a short play pitting logic versus intuition.
  • ( KB) - Man-Machine by Adam Voss - A short play of ?biological? intrigue... with a killer surprise ending!
  • ( KB) - Mask Play by Adam Szymkowicz - A short play for two actors and masks with abrupt character transitions.
  • ( KB) - Eloise by William Fairbrother - A short play by this American author living in Denmark.

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