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Bruno Lovric

Bruno Lovric was born on March 30, 1983 in Mostar, Yugoslavia (which after the war in Yugoslavia in 1991 became Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina). During his high school years, Lovric formed an amateur theatre group (called SIRA) with a few friends. Besides writing and performing their plays, they also developed their own comedy show in cooperation with a local TV station. During this time he was also member of Mostar Youth Theatre which mostly produced plays in the tradition of physical theatre. Since they had a very good reputation, they were often invited to festivals through Europe, so he got the chance to travel with them. After high school, Lovric was accepted to acting school in his hometown, but after a first year finished there, received a scholarship from Graceland University in Iowa. Currently he is a junior there, and hopes to find a scholarship to pursue a masterís degree in directing.

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