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John Meluch

The figure of MELUSINE (or Melusina), is truly an archetypal image that can be found in mythologies and legends the world over. Her ancient Greek counterpart would be the Sirens of the Odyssey. She can also be detected in the legend of Undine as recounted by the Swiss Paracelsus. There are also stories of water-sprites, or nymphs in both Gallic and Celtic mythology. She later appears in a Danish fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson as a little mermaid. And she eventually attains superstardom in a full-length, animated Disney cartoon in 1989. The name Melusine is related to the ancient priestesses of Demeter who were called melissae. In fact, Selene, the moon (as mistress of water), was also known by the name Melissa. Furthermore, the name for the fish-woman in German is Meerfrau or Meriminni, and in Danish she is Maremind. The Irish knew her as Merrow and the Breton peasantry called her Marie-Morgan. In the legendary lore of all these people, there are tales of the enchantment of mortal men by a magical, water-sprite or mermaid....MELUSINE.

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John Meluch was born in 1948 in the once industrial town of Lorain, Ohio. His earliest memories include the nightly fireworks of a nearby steel plant, the rumble of locomotives in his backyard, and the distant chatter of shipyard riveters......all a distant memory now. He has worked at several careers including: teacher, shipyard worker, graphic artist. He presently resides in Lakewood, Ohio where he teaches High School English and also does freelance digital graphics and photography. He has most recently collaborated with British 3-D digital artist Tom Grimes.


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