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courtesy the David Icke website Y2K: Incompetence or Genius?
by David Icke

The people who run the world are NOT stupid. Start from that basis and so much falls into place.

OK, I’ll grant you, many of them appear to be stupid and some of their underlings are employed primarily because they are incompetent at what they do. But that’s the idea. There is no more affective way of advancing a hidden agenda than to persuade people that those making the key decisions are idiots and to have a few genuine ones around helps this myth to no end. But those who are really in control are NOT stupid. No, no no.

I can give you a wonderful example of that from Europe. Some years ago the media was full of stories about the "beef mountains", "butter mountains", "grain mountains" and "wine lakes". These were the vast stockpiles of food and wine caused by massive overproduction by farmers in the European community (now Union) which could not be sold. The bureaucrats of Brussels were condemned as incompetent and stupid and therefore the true agenda was obscured. Now look at what was really happening:

The farmers overproduced because the bureaucrats said they would buy (the taxpayer would buy) whatever they produced at an agreed price no matter what. The farmers were enticed into this trap by greed and naivete'. It is amazing how naive people can become when they see dollar signs before their eyes. The next stage was to encourage public hostility to the food mountains and the policy that was making farming a license to print money.

In "response" to this "public concern", the same bureaucrats changed the policy and stopped the no-questions-asked subsidies. Now the smaller farmers were faced with vastly reduced subsidies and the need to sell their produce on the "open’ market – a market in which prices had plummeted because of the surpluses all across Europe caused by bureaucrats’ policies. So what happened? Enormous numbers of smaller farmers went out of business. And what was the result of that? The major transnational corporations moved in, bought their farms at knockdown prices or allowed them to disappear, and the grip on world food production from soil to plate was increased dramatically.

But people didn’t see that agenda. They saw what they thought was incompetence. Which brings me to Y2K.

There are only two digits on most computerized systems to count the passing of the years. 1999 to a computer is 99. This means that when they click to the year 2000, the computer will register 00. The question then arises; will the computer take this to be the year 2000 or the year 1900? If it picks 1900 the system it controls will fail, be it energy, banking, whatever. Does anyone believe that such lack of foresight, given the possible consequences, was just incompetence? Well, here’s one who doesn’t for a start.

I have written in my books and emphasized in my talks the technique I call problem-reaction-solution. This is when you covertly create a problem and blame someone else for it. You then encourage people to demand that "something must be done" about the problem and this gives you the opportunity to offer the solution – the policy you wanted to introduce all along.

This is why chaos is a wonderful means of control, indeed essential to it on a mass scale. Chaos always divides people (every man for himself) and chaos always leads to a demand to restore order – "something must be done". It is not without reason that the Freemasonic motto "Ordo Ab Chao" translates as order out of chaos. In other words…problem, reaction, solution.

The agenda for the Millenium years is to introduce a world government, central bank, currency, army, and a micro chipped population linked to a global computer. Anyone with an activated brain cell can see this unfolding before our eyes every day. However, if you want the quick road to this global fascist structure, you need a massive global problem (global chaos) to which you can offer a global solution. And nothing fits the bill better than a collapse of the computer system on which the world economy and daily life now depends (on purpose).

It really doesn’t matter if the effects of Y2K are as bad as we are led to believe with power failures, food shortages, money chaos, and the like, or whether they are being overblown. The fact is that the Y2K propaganda means they have an excuse to collapse the computer system which people will accept is the result of Y2K, whether it is or not. The collapse of the money system and the value of currencies will open the way to a global electronic currency to solve the "problem". The chaos will "justify" the imposition of global marshall law and rule by the military.

If you think that’s far fetched I can tell you that every country I have been to recently, including the UK, Australia, and the United States, is officially talking about the need to have troops on the streets in the wake of the Y2K computer collapse. And what happens when you introduce marshall law or a state of emergency? All freedoms (what is left of them) are suspended. Let me give you the example of the United States and if you look you will see the same situation is true of your own country. It certainly is of the United Kingdom.

Most Americans don’t realize that the US has been officially in a state of emergency since March 9th, 1933, when it was introduced by the puppet president (and they all are), Franklin Delano Roosevelt. This state of emergency, justified by a manipulated financial "crisis" has never been revoked and in truth, the Constitution of the United States has been suspended since then. This has allowed endless anti-constitutional policies to be introduced quite legally. But, of course, the global hierarchy I call the Brotherhood does not want to use this situation openly because the scam will be exposed. Instead they are planning to create chaos to justify the official introduction of a state of emergency and Y2K fits the bill perfectly.

When the state of emergency is announced by the President (or rather those who control him) a series of Executive Orders are activated into law. Executive Orders are whenever there is a state of national emergency. In truth, they have been law from the moment they were written. Since March 9th, 1933.
George Washington signed the first Executive Order or "EO" in 1789 and they were consolidated as one by President Clinton on June 3rd, 1994 as Executive Order 12919. Here are just a few of the powers that will become law when the Y2K "state of emergency" is introduced~

I list them under their original code numbers. Some of these have been officially revoked, but their powers are included in Bill Clinton's consolidated order which I mentioned above:

EO 10995: Allows the President to "amend, modify or revoke frequency assignments". In other words to take control of all radio, television, and telecommunications.

EO 10997: Gives the executive government the right to take over all energy production and distribution, including electrical power, fuel for transport, solid fuels and minerals.

EO 10998: Puts all food resources under the control of the Secretary of Agriculture

EO 10999: Gives the control over ALL transportation, public and private, to the Secretary of Commerce

EO 11000 Wait for this one. It gives power to the government to dictate where people will live, where they will work, and what they are paid – if anything. Families can be broken up, quite legally and children taken from their parents with no legal appeal possible for at least six months.

EO 11002 Allows FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, to order the registration of all citizens to control their movement and relocation. FEMA itself was created by an Executive Order (12148) signed by President Carter.


FEMA also controls the establishment and administration of concentration camps, yes concentration camps, across the United States where the dissidents will be taken unless we wake up fast. Videos of these places exist. This puts into perspective the statement by General Frank Salzedo, FEMA’s former civil security chief, who said that FEMA’s responsibility included the "prevention of dissident groups from gaining access to US opinion or a global audience in times of crisis".

When the state of emergency is introduced, the power of Congress, what there is of it, will be suspended and they cannot overturn or challenge any of these Executive Orders for at least six months after they become laws. By which time there would be no Congress. If you don’t live in the United States, that doesn’t matter. Your country will have exactly the same laws waiting for a national emergency to activate them. And who decides what is a national emergency? The very people who created the laws.

Ladies and gentlemen. This is no longer some prediction for the future. We are on the brink of this now. It is happening around you and we all have a choice. We can sit around and continue to be victims of this global agenda or we can get off our arse, stand up and be counted.

We have the opportunity in the next 18 months to change the world or be imprisoned by it. It is a crossroads, a turning point, we are being offered here in our eternal journey to true love and enlightenment. Are we going to go quietly into mental, emotional, and physical enslavement? Or are we going to open our lungs and scream…

I know what I am going to do. Excuse me while I take a very deep breath.


David Icke was born in Leicester, England in the United Kingdom and started his career as a professional soccer player at the age of 15. Six years later at the age of 21 rheumatoid arthritis ended his career as a player in 1973. He then ventured into journalism and regional television until 1980, when he became a network television news and sports presenter on the BBC until 1990.

An experienced environmental campaigner since 1982, Icke had a history of setting up environmental pressure groups. He became the "National Spokesman" for the British Green Party from 1988 until 1991. While working with the Green Party Icke started to research into issues such as "Third World Debt", it's true causes and how it could be effectively resolved. Icke soon uncovered a disturbing pattern of events and exploitation that was to change the direction of his life forever.



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