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  • - The Great Bologna Conflict by Ed Chapin - A postmodern tale of totally down-to-earth interstellar intrigue.
  • - Conjurella Prelude: Castle Mirage by T. Casey Brennan - The smoky introduction to Brennan's enigmatic tale, Conjurella.
  • - Flex by Jeremy Benjamin - A novel that brings us inside the world of body building through protagonist Harmon Flekzor, aka "Flex".
  • - Slice of TV Life by Jessica Locke Del Greco - A vignette addressing marriage, housekeeping, television and dreams.
  • - Kristi Doesn't Cry by Jason Harris - No waterworks for the gal in this story... not since newborn has Kristi shed a tear...
  • - A Place Like Heaven by Chris Ringler - In this short story, She and Cedric go out with a bang.
  • - Barbershop Quartet by Lad Moore - A quartet of characters from East Texas...
  • - Dye Job by Jason Harris - A young man escapes himself through sex, drugs and a dye job. A short piece of fiction.
  • - Fish Terror by William Fairbrother - A short story by this American author living in Denmark.
  • - The Bowels of Aqua Camp by Adam Voss - A piece of short fiction guaranteed to stimulate your large intestine.
  • - The Comfort of Rain by John G. Gorman - A short story about a most unusual encounter on a park bench during a rainy day.
  • - Worth A Hug by John G. Gorman - A young girl reaches out to the man who gifted her a cello.
  • - Robo Love by Cecil Washington - This tale of futuristic desire will titilate and repulse you at the same time... the author welcomes you to the 23rd Century....
  • - Safe Word by Chris Ringler - A short story of victim inversion...
  • - Together by Chris Ringler - This short story has a bit of surprise at the end of a high school Valentine's Day dance...
  • - Robinson Crusoe 2012 by Scott O. Moore - A short story featuring a fast-food induced end of the world and more...
  • - The Barnstead Witch Project by Parson L. - The author reveals the true origins of the Blair Witch Project in this strange correspondence about Barnstead, New Hampshire. Fiction? Maybe.
  • - Asylum by Jessica Locke Del Greco - A woman inadvertantly grows stronger through her delusions.
  • - Bare Bulbs by Marcus Del Greco - This short story involves tulips, Thomas Edison, and all the milk one boy can handle.
  • - Bored in Corporate Amerikkka by Ben Shisler - The beginnings of a novel by Ben Shisler gives us romantic intrigue between a hacker and a sys admin.
  • - Gabe's Mother? by Jessica Locke Del Greco - An old scandal haunts a grieving mother in this short story.
  • - Lily by Scott O. Moore - A tale of internet romance you'll never forget!
  • - Recess by Nora Sylvester - A short story about childhood friends growing up.
  • - Spies by Jessica Locke Del Greco - A short story about bored, elderly spies and their homicidal neighbor.
  • - Stars by Scott O. Moore - Join the author on a endless journey through space in this short story of eternity.
  • - The Town Cryer by Marcus Del Greco - A short story about a minister's encounter with a lonely widow.
  • - Wild Justice (Chapter One) by Richard C. Smith - The second mystery novel by Smith featuring private eye James Maxfield Mallory, Wild Justice was first published by St. Martin's Press in 1990. Enjoy Chapter One...
  • - A Secret Singing (Chapter One) by Richard C. Smith - Richard C. Smith invites you to read the first chapter of his mystery novel, A Secret Singing.

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