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image for Sex Toy Susan Sex Toy Susan
by Anonymous

Susan waited on her husband's return anxiously. Her robe was open to reveal her panties where she lay on the couch. Hewould be home any moment. Her fingers traced her belly button and roamed south to her croch, pulling the panties to the side. She felt her clit starting to poke through its sheath, so she inserted her fingers and spread some of her juices up over and around her clit until she shuddered with pleasure.

She reached beneath the couch and felt around... there it was. The tiny vibrator was just about the size of her thumb, but when she turned it on she felt a white shiver go down her back, through her legs and into her toes. She placed the vibrator just the side of her clit and gasped, her legs jerking a few inches closer together.

The car door made her start with surprise. He was here. She put two fingers inside herself to make sure she was ready for him because she was not going to waste any time getting him inside of her. She jumped up and scampered to the door, standing to the side of it so that she could surpise him when he entered. She let her robe fall to the floor. She heard footsteps coming closer.... and voices!

He wasn't alone! The other voice was male.... and deep. Was that her husband's friend from high school, the black guy? Shit... she was completely undressed. As the key turned in the lock, she swept up her robe form the floor and scurried upstairs before the guys came in. That was close!

Up in the bedroom, she hopped into bed and under the sheets and suddenly felt safe again. Why didn't he call when he was going to have someone over? And this black guy... Barry was his name... she didn't like it when he came to visit. He was personable... it wasn't that he was unpleasant.... but his height (6 feet, 7 inches) was just so extreme that she had always felt intimidated by Barry. He also had a booming voice to go with his stature which added to the intimidation factor.

After a couple of minutes her husband finally came up to see why she hadn't greeted him. When he stepped into the room she beckoned him to close the door. She lifted the sheet to reveal how little she was wearing (just panties and a bra).... he understood. He trotted right over and unzipped his pants, taking out his gorgeous penis. Susan liked her husband's penis because the head was nice and bulbous... considerably wider around than the shaft. When they made love she had to be really wet so that the knob of his dick could pop through the stretched muscles of her twat.

She immediately wrapped her lips around the head of his dick and sucked loudly. His eyes snapped shut with pleasure. She ran her tongue around and around the red ring beneath the head of his dick and he moaned really loud.

"Shhhhh... what about Barry?" she said.

That's when she noticed that Barry had already entered the room. He towered over them, and his huge afro seemed to block the sun.

"Honey.... Barry's here...." she said to her husband, who nearly jumped ten feet in the air when he looked over his shoulder and saw his friend.

"Sorry," said Barry, "I had no idea...."

"Don't go," said her husband, "Susan....?"

Susan then realized what her husband was thinking. He obviously hadn't planned it... but here it was.

"Would you like Barry to join in, Susan?"

Susan looked at Barry and couldn't help but wonder what was in his pants. Was his knob as round as her husband's? Or rounder? She nodded in agreement and they got down to business.

Barry unbuttoned his jeans and started taking them off. Susan kept on licking the knob of her husband's dick, swirling her tongue around.  Her husband picked her up and moved her into a 69 position so he could stick his tongue in her vagina, which he wasted no time in doing. He licked up and down her hole until it was slimy.... enough to take his dick.

He then positioned her on her back on the bed, with her legs wide apart. He bumpedhis knob up to her opening and nudged her lips gently apart. Her legs were wrapped around him, and suddenly she jerked her feet against his ass and pushed his whole dick in her, the head coming through her lips with a slight pop. She shuddered with delight and rubbed her clit while he started moving his penis in and out.

Barry still didn't have his underwear off yet... he was just standing there rubbing himself through his briefs. The bulge that Susan saw there was incredible though. As her husband pumped away, Susan stared at the bulge in Barry's underwear and rubbed her clit vigorously until a warm sensation began to form around her clit. She slid her fingers down around her husband's pumping cock and grabbed it momentarily, then slid them back up to her clit, all the while watching Barry's growing bulge. Suddenly she jerked and felt an orgasm spread nicely from her clit up through her lower abdomen, lightly contracting around her husband's cock.

Now there was an aching deep inside Susan... near the back of her cunt where her vagina ended and her uterus began. She often felt this aching during and after sex, whether she had fingered her clit to orgasm or not. It was familiar and nice, but a little uncomfortable as well. As her husband pumped away towards his orgasm, the aching increased but showed no signs of subsiding. Finally he groaned and pulled out of her, spraying her belly and tits with his watery cum in five or six short spurts.

Susan stroked her thighs and lightly stroked under her husband's cock. Barry still stood there rubbing his cock through his underwear. Susan looked at her husband as though to say "is this really okay?" and her husband, still catching his breath, nodded and smiled. Susan looked at Barry who promptly stooped and peeled off his underwear, revealing a penis so long and thick and she almost fainted with surprise.

She looked at her husband again in a panic. Would he allow this monster penis to invade his wife? He was still smiling widely. Susan looked again at Barry's huge snake-cock and shuddered at the idea... and she noticed that the aching deep in her cunt was increasingly to an unbearable level. She felt like she had to pee in the worst way but just couldn't even if she tried.

Barry moved to where her husband had been standing and leaned down to kiss Susan. He slithered his tongue deep in her mouth and she shuddered again. He moved his mouth slowly down over her breasts, sucking each nipple in his mouth and biting softly with his teeth until they were both hard as ball bearings. Then he moved his mouth further down and parted her pussy lips with his tongue, swiping down and up and down and up until she was open once again like a flower.

He stood up and positioned his dick at her opening. She propped herself up on her elbows so she could see him penetrate her. She gasped when she saw his cock for the second time. It seemed to have grown a full three or four inches longer since she last looked. It now stood a full 12 inches in front of him and was incredibly thick... like a baseball bat. She didn't know how the hell she was going to get that thing in her when all of a sudden he pushed his hips forward a couple of inches and bingo the head was inside.

Wow, he really strecthed her wide. Luckily she was slimy wet with arousal and his huge cock slid with only a little effort slowly into her. The aching deep in her pussy increased even more and for a second she thought she was really going to pee all over him. He was only halfway inside her at this point.

Susan looked over at her husband and asked him again if it was really okay. He nodded. She still wasn't sure and told him "I'm come to come soon... quicker than usual... I'm sorry".... her husband only smiled wider.

Just then Barry pushed the rest of the way forward and his entire cock slid into Susan. Oh my god! The head of that monster cock brushed rudely up against the back wall of her vagina and she shrieked. He was now pumping in and out, pulling 3/4 of his length out of her pussy each time and then slamming it all back in. And each time the head bumped clumsily at the back wall of her vagina until the tension she felt there finally released and she clamped so tightly around Barry's cock that he couldn't thurst any longer, and contraction after contraction she had around his huge cock until finally a flood of urine ran from her peehole down onto the sheets as she collapse in ecstacy.

Barry then pulled out and scuffled over to position his prick above Susan's face. She knew the drill: she stuck out her tongue and stared him straight in the eye. Immediately his cum sprang from his cock, thick and milky white, to lavish her tongue, lips, and chin. He swatted the side of her face a couple times with his dick and Susan lay back, satisfied more than ever.

We are still in the information gathering stage with Anonymous.


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