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by Anonymous

She met him outside the apartment on the street, smoking a clove cigarette. He'd tried smoking them before, but they packed a powerful punch, and usually made him ill. He loved the smell of them, though, and watched her lips curl around the filter, the smoke fall lazily out of her mouth before she blew it out. Sweet scent wafted around him. Against his better judgement, he bummed one from her, and they sat out in the early evening heat, watching people and talking about where their lives were. He felt the rush to his head and only finished half of the cigarette before snuffing it out.

"In the mood for a drink?" he asked.

"Not really," she smiled, "but I'll join you. Where would you like to go?"

"It's been a long time since I've been to Harry's, and they have the best Long Islands." They walked down the street to the old bar and sat. His desire for alcohol was fueled mostly by his need to calm his nerves. They each had three of the delicious pints, and his head was swimming nicely when she suggested they go back to her place. There was a noticeable fluidity in their walk back to her apartment, her arm through his in the dark night.

They had just come through her door when she kissed him. Her beautifully soft lips pressed gently to his, her tongue running lightly over his teeth. His hands moved up to her face and held her, touching the back of her neck with his fingertips. After a few seconds, she pulled away and looked up at him. A simple smile on her face.

"You can smoke if you want. Do you want a beer, or some wine?" she asked.

"I'm not really into wine, I guess. How about a beer?" She went into her small kitchen and he into the living room, lighting a cigarette.

"Could you open a window? There's some incense there in the tray, too..." she said from the kitchen. Not bothering to turn on a light, he lit a stick of Sandalwood and opened one of the windows that looked out onto the street a floor below. Normally busy when the term was in session, it had mostly local kids hanging out on the corner in the summer heat. He stood there blowing smoke out the window, looking out at the night, feeling a cool breeze gust in, a sure sign of an impending thunderstorm. The violence of a midwestern storm had surprised him at first, eschewing the relatively tame summers of the Northeast. Storms here could crawl in slowly with ill omens of rumbling thunder and distant flashes of lightening, or they could explode with sheets of rain and crashes of noise, coming seemingly out of nowhere. From his view above the street, he saw sparks in the distance, and heard the first low growl of thunder. Another gust, stronger than the last, blew papers off her desk and his smoke back at him. He snuffed it out as he heard her coming up behind him.

"Looks like we're in for something...electric," she said in his ear, her hands coming around his waist and up over his chest, her fingers unbuttoning his shirt and moving inside to flesh She ran her tongue over the back of his neck and he felt her breasts on his back, her nipples growing hard. He closed his eyes and put his hands on the window frame to steady himself, the alcohol swimming around in his head and making him dizzy. He tried to catch his breath as she lightly pinched his nipples, her other hand moving steadily down his belly, fingertips making slow circles. As she neared the top of his jeans, she slowed her progress and simply stopped. His cock ached in the confines of his pants, and he wanted her so badly to unzip him, let him out and touch him, but she did not, only continuing to kiss the nape of his neck and caress his chest.

"What do you want?' she whispered in his ear from behind. "What do you want?" She pressed her breasts hard into his back, rubbing slowly. He could feel that she'd taken off her bra, probably in the kitchen.

"Touch me," he whispered back, his voice hoarse with desire. "Touch me."

"Where?" she asked him. "Here?" she moved both hands to the insides of his thighs and squeezed.

"Yes." She moved them up to his chest.


"Yes." Another gust of wind from the open window in front of him billowed out his open shirt, the trees outside began to sway in the wind. Another deep rumble, louder and closer, this time. His rapidly cooling sweat giving him goose bumps on his arms.

"Here?" She ran her hands down to the crotch of his jeans, cupping his cock through them. He gasped with the feel of her hands on him. "Mmmmm, I think that's what you want." She unbuttoned his jeans and pulled the zipper all the way open. She rubbed him through his boxers, feeling his hardness. He was only dimly aware of the fact that they were standing in front of an open window. The darkened room hid them partially from outside view, but he knew he could be seen if someone looked directly in the window from below, and he didn't care. The first drops of rain started to fall, fat and heavy.

She slid his shirt onto the floor and turned him around sideways so he stood in silhouette in the window, and dropped to her knees. She reached around him to grab his ass while she kissed his stomach. He let out a slight moan and leaned back, pushing his pelvis out towards her. She ran her tongue down to the top of his boxers, squeezing his ass slowly. She started to lick him through his underwear, and the heat of her breath was fire on him. With her teeth she moved the cloth until his cock came out of his shorts, and gently licked the top with the tip of her tongue, teasing him, flicking gently over the head and the underside. He ran his hands through her hair and gently pulled her head towards him, aching for her mouth on him. She gave the slightest bit of resistance, but ran her lips up the underside of his cock from the base to the top. He let out another soft moan. When she got to the top, she took the head into her mouth, sucking gently, and then started to go down, ever so slowly taking all of him into her mouth until he felt the back of her throat. She came back up and went slowly down again, swallowing all of his penis, again, and again. She caressed his balls through his boxers, rolling them slowly. He was in heaven, entirely unaware of his surroundings, knowing only her mouth and its hot, wetness on him, feeling the cooling breeze on his moist cock every time she came up. His hands gripped her hair, pulling her down on him, and each time he pushed himself into her, thrusting slowly. She was moaning softly as well. The rain started to fall harder outside, and a flash of lightening gave him a static image of her, eyes closed, the form of his cock bulging in her cheek, burned into his mind. Rain started to drip off the sill onto the floor.

"You taste so good," she said, looking up into his eyes while she stroked him with her hand. He bent down to kiss her and grabbed her shoulders, standing her up as he pushed his tongue into her mouth. He pushed her back onto her futon until she sat, him on his knees on the floor between her legs. He cupped her beautiful breasts through her dress, kissing her neck and cleavage. She sat up and he pulled her light summer dress up over her head, and she was in front of him in just her panties, her back arched, pushing her nipples into his mouth. He bit her gently until she let out a slight gasp. He moved down her soft belly to the top of her panties, and ran his tongue under the band, caressing her breasts. He licked her through the silk of her underwear, smelling her delicious scent, pressing his mouth over the hard nub he felt beneath. She pushed her crotch up to him, grinding slowly over his mouth, her breath getting heavy. He took a finger and slipped her panties to one side, exposing her soft, hairless lips, glistening with moisture.

A sharp flash lit the room and a crashing boom echoed off the buildings outside. Both of them jumped with surprise, and taking advantage of the moment, he immediately ran his tongue from her sweet asshole up to her pierced hood, penetrating her slightly, tasting her. Taken by surprise, she gasped uncontrollably. He flicked her clit gently, then kissed and suckled at it, circling a finger around her lips, moving inside her only a fraction of an inch. She was rocking with him, her hands on the back of his head, pressing him into her, trying to get his finger inside of her, but he resisted, wanting to tease her until she pleaded with him to fuck her. He felt the wind on his naked back, and the trees were roaring with the pouring rain outside. Cold mist came through the window, and the light from the streetlamp outside splashed across her face. A deluge of biblical proportions seemed to be playing itself out in the world beyond their window.

His cock was achingly hard, and he started to rub himself with his other hand while he buried his face in her shaved pussy. He felt something cold on his shoulder, and looked up to see her holding a vibrator to him, appearing out of nowhere. She must have put it in a drawer in the end table next to the futon.

"Use this inside me," she gasped. He took the vibrator from her and slowly turned the base until it hummed quietly. He ran the tip gently over her moist lips and she moaned in response. He pushed it down to her tiny hole and up over her lips to her clit, where he held in for a moment over the hard little flesh, buzzing against her barbell pierced hood. He moved it down and began to push it inside of her, feeling some resistance in her tight pussy. He waited for what he knew she was expecting, continuing to run it over her pink lips, penetrating her only slightly each time. He would hold it for a moment over her clit, then down to her ass, pushing ever so slightly into her tight oriface. He continued to taste her, pushing his tongue inside her as well. Finally, as he suckled her throbbing clitoris, he kept the vibrator over her wet hole, then smoothly slid deep inside. He started to move the vibrator around inside her, in circles, touching every spot he could in her pussy, moving in and out of her. Her breathing became quicker and her moans louder. Her grip on the back of his head tightened as she pushed herself onto the vibrator, forcing it even deeper into her body, impaling herself on it again and again. He turned the base up a notch and the humming grew louder and higher pitched, and she groaned in response. She reached up and was pinching her nipples, rubbing her breasts. With a strong shudder and a pleading gasp, she came, her body tightening and her back arching, she held her breath as she let it flow over her, inside her. He looked up at her face, her eyes closed, her mouth open, and for a second she stopped moving entirely, then, with a loud cry, released.

Her moans died slowly as he pulled the vibrator out of her and turned it off. He moved up to her face and she kissed him, feeling her wetness on his face. She pulled away and looked at him with that same smile on her face that she'd had when he met her on the steps outside. She pushed him away and he stood in front of her. She pulled his jeans and underwear off, and turned him to sit on the futon. "My turn," she whispered to him.

She straddled him, rubbing his cock against her clit, up and down, sliding over him. She pushed her breasts into his face one at a time, making sure he spent time on each nipple, her pussy wetting his cock. He felt the lips of her smooth pussy part over the head, and she pushed down onto him. He felt the warm glove of her surround him and felt like he would come with her first thrust. She leaned back and steadied herself with her hands on his thighs, giving him a wonderful view of his penis inside her bare pussy, lips parted from his size and her clit a hard nub. She rocked back and forth over him, playing with herself while he watched. She rode him gently at first, but as her orgasm grew close, she picked up the pace. She leaned in to him and pulled his head between her bouncing breasts, he tried to lick them and reached around to grip her ass. He pulled her to him with each stroke, slamming into her as hard as he could. They both let out grunts with each thrust. He let his fingers explore her ass, wet with her own juices, and slowly pushed a finger in her tight hole, feeling his cock through her flesh. He let go only long enough to find the vibrator, still wet from her, and he pushed it slowly into her ass. Only when it was almost all the way inside her did he turn it on. He could feel it's buzz on his cock through her and he groaned with the surprised pleasure. She was coming all the way up off his cock, then plunging down onto him up to the hilt of his shaft, their bodies banging together, her ass slapping against his thighs, fucking him as hard as she dared, feeling the vibrator filling her ass and his cock filling her pussy. She ached for more, more than she could get. She felt herself coming again as he bit a nipple a little harder than he had been, hard enough to hurt, but it was only a nip, and he did it only once. It was enough to push her over the edge, and he felt her sweet pussy contract, and her warm wetness run down over his balls. She dug her nails into the meat of his shoulders, and pressed down on him hard enough for him to feel her throbbing clitoris on his pelvic bone. She collapsed on top of him, trying to catch her breath as wave after wave washed over her. He stayed perfectly still inside her, feeling her subside, then started fucking her ass with the vibrator again, swirling it around and in and out of her. He held her as close and tight as he could and started fucking her pussy again, vibrator still humming madly inside her. He held her so tight she could not move, just hold onto him as he forced himself inside her. Feeling helpless, she came again.

He slowed to a stop and let her take a few deep breaths before taking the vibrator out of her. She rolled over off of him and sat beside him, sweat glistening off her beautiful body. Just looking at her, his cock continued to ache for release. He started to play with himself, his penis slick with her come. She looked into his eyes and saw a desperate begging behind them. She rolled back over on top of him.

She took his wrists and put them over his head, kissing his neck. She reached behind him and took her dress, which had been lying on the futon beside them, and tied his hands to the back of the frame. When she was sure he could not move, she went down on him again, this time rough and hard, sucking him deep and fast. She moved off his cock and sucked on his balls, one at a time, stroking him with her hand. He was moaning desperately, feeling helpless being tied up but inebriated with pleasure. She pressed a finger on his asshole, and at first he tightened, but she was insistent, and moistening her finger with her own juices, she pushed it into him. He moaned loudly when she penetrated him, and felt both exhileration and violation. She continued to suck hard on his bulging cock, noisily swallowing him in whole mouthfulls and moaning with him. She felt his balls start to contract and his ass begin to tighten, knowing he was about to come. She stopped and pulled out of him, looked up in his face while she slowly stroked him, letting him calm down..

"Not yet, lover. Not yet." She reached over to the vibrator beside her and turned it on. He felt the gentle pressure on his ass for a second, then release as she pushed it slowly into him. He gave way this time, letting himself be penetrated with the vibrator, feeling the tingling inside him. Like nothing he'd ever felt, she fucked him with it. She started sucking him again, using both her mouth and her hand. She put his cock between her breasts and pushed them together, leaving the vibrator in his ass, humming and tingling. She squeezed her tits together and licked the tip of his cock each time he thrust between them. Again he came close to climax, and again she stopped him on the brink. She slipped the vibrator out of him and untied his hands, her wet breasts in his face. He could smell his musk on her, catching his breath.

When she untied him, she stood and walked over to the window, her back to him. Rain dripped on the floor and blew in on her naked body, her nipples and flesh reacting to the cold. As he sat there panting, she bent over slightly, pushing her ass towards him. She reached back with her hand and spread her cheeks for him, giving him a full view of her bare pussy. She looked over her shoulder, her now wet hair sticking to her face.

"I want you to come over her and fuck me. Hard. I want you to fuck me as hard as you can." She knew she was in total control, and was using it for everything it was worth. He stood off the futon, his cock throbbing and painful, and came up behind her. He put his hands on her hips, and pushed inside her.

He slid in quickly, both his pre-cum and her juices reducing friction to almost nothing. They both let out a deep moan when he penetrated her. He pushed hard into her, as far as their bodies would allow, and he held it there for a moment, pulling her to him. Then he started to thrust in and out of her, slowly at first, but quickly becoming faster. Their bodies slapped together as she pushed back with his every thrust. She reached between her legs and cupped his balls as he fucked her from behind. His thrusts became so insistent she was pressed against the upper pane of the window, her breasts pressed flat against the cold glass. She was gasping, pleading with him to cum for her, begging to taste his semen, and he only fucked her harder. The muscles in his arms began to ache, and her legs to tremble, and he felt the ragged edge of release. His moans became cries as he lost himself in sex, in the unbridled pleasure of fucking his fantasy. As he felt himself start, passing the point of no return, she turned quickly and was on her knees, her mouth full of his cock, her fingers finding his asshole. Just as she plunged inside of him, he released, feeling himself cum from the core of his being, pulling pleasure up from his toes and chest and out through his cock, filling her. Instinctually, he pushed all he had into her, pulling from his depths every ounce of fluid he had in him. She drank him in, feeling his hard cock pulsing and shooting warm semen into her mouth, on the back of her throat. She tasted his salty musk, swallowing the first few spurts of his load to make room for the rest. Pulling him out of her mouth, she finished him with her hand, some of his cum dribbling out of her mouth as she allowed the last drops from his pulsing cock drip onto her lips. She licked it off with her tongue, looking up into his face. He had a look one gets only after a tremendous orgasm; a complete unawareness of self coupled with divine pleasure. He panted and moaned with a long sigh, and released the tension in his thighs and back, dropping his head back as she rose off her knees and licked his chest. She took his face in her hands and kissed him, pressing her warm tongue into his mouth, forcing him to taste himself. He kissed her back. They both stood still, holding each other, as they fought to catch their breath. It was a full five minutes before they stopped shaking.

She drew back and looked into his eyes, bracing against him so as not to slip on the wet, rain-soaked floor. They turned to look out into the night as the storm died into the distance, and saw a couple standing in a doorway on the opposite side of the street, eyes wide, looking up at them. They simply stared back and smiled.

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