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The Invisible Jive

from Cozmik Corkscrew
Year: 2001

Released in April 2001, the Corkscrew's third album The Invisible Jive promised a wealth of digital enhancements bearing a new crop of experimental tracks and enhancing some old favorite tunes which have finally gotten attention in the studio.

Tracks from The Invisible Jive (2001) Length Media Type Bitrate
After The Copters 1 :52mp3 96 kbps
I Have No Idea 1:35mp3 96 kbps
Silhouette 1:53mp3 96 kbps
'93 Was Alright 1:50mp3 96 kbps
Brain Coral 3:14mp3 96 kbps
Confetti and Balloons 2:03mp3 96 kbps
Love Node 2:13mp3 96 kbps
Come Share The Fun 3:17mp3 96 kbps
After The Copters 2 :47mp3 96 kbps
After The Copters 3 1:29mp3 96 kbps
A Dancin' Gentleman's Charms 2:48mp3 96 kbps
The Demon 2:10mp3 96 kbps
A Different Tune 3:38mp3 96 kbps
Ouch (Forever More) 1:59mp3 96 kbps
The Girl Moves 3:31mp3 96 kbps
People, Can We Do Something Else? :39mp3 96 kbps
Roll All Over You 1:09mp3 96 kbps
First Broadcast Switcheroo 3:35mp3 96 kbps
Take It From The Top 3:26mp3 96 kbps

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