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Big Bang

from Cozmik Corkscrew
Year: 1998

This first Cozmik Corkscrew album was recorded in Dover, NH and Lebanon, ME at Spinning Vortex Studios and released December of 1998. Originally recorded on a home analog 8-track, Big Bang featured the Cozmik starting five of Tolman, Hoxie, Grosky, Klein

Tracks from Big Bang (1998) Length Media Type Bitrate
Big Bang 1:37mp3 96 kbps
Win, Place or Show 3:42mp3 96 kbps
The Myth of Plastic Man 2:20mp3 96 kbps
Give The Soul A Name 2:02mp3 96 kbps
Back Around 2:23mp3 96 kbps
Playing Checkers With The Devil Himself 2:26mp3 96 kbps
Old Enough To Roam 3:04mp3 96 kbps
Drawing 2:18mp3 96 kbps
The Other One Must Die 3:06mp3 96 kbps
Boning Up 2:42mp3 96 kbps
Actors 2:31mp3 96 kbps

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